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Predict cryptocurrency prices
and check out other traders's analysis

Connect with other traders, follow their strategies,
and copy their trades.


Connect with other traders and learn from their experience

Automate your

Connect your trading bot to our platform and let it trade for you

the best

Follow the trades of successful traders and see their results in realtime

Track your performance

See how your trades are performing and make adjustments as needed

Learn from other traders: Get insights from experienced traders and learn newtrading strategies.Trade with confidence: Track your performance and make informed trading decisions.
Connect your trading bot
to our platform and optimize your trading
We offer a platform that allows you to connect your trading bot to it
and monitor its trades completely With our platform
Track your bot's trades live

You can see all the trades your bot makes at any given moment.

Analyze your bot's performance

You can see the profit and loss of each trade, the average daily, weekly, and monthly profit and loss and ...

Optimize your bot's settings

By analyzing your bot's performance, you can adjust its parametersto improve your trading

Take your NFT
collections to the next level!
the first social network dedicatedto NFT traders and enthusiasts. Here, you can not only trade your favoriteNFTs, but you can also connect with other traders, analyze NFTs in detail, andparticipate in exciting and competitive challenges.
Easyand secure NFT trading

Safe and dynamic marketplace for buying and selling NFTs

Social network

Follow your favorite traders and artists. Share your thoughts and ideas

Advanced analysis tools

Comprehensive analysis of NFT data. Predict NFT price trends

Competitive challenges

Compete with other traders in predicting NFT prices

About Rtrade
I was a cryptocurrency trader and initially made some profits. Later on, my boss suggested investing all my capital in a single cryptocurrency. Due to my lack of experience and knowledge, I followed his advice, which resulted in the worst financial failure of my life. I lost all the money I had earned over the years. This experience led me to build the Rtrade social network.